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 MyTripSafe Tour - Your Account Summary

Welcome to the MyTripSafe Tour! See all the major features available to our members, complete with screen shots. Member may also find the tour useful for learning more information about the features available. Each tour page contains a screen shot, explanatory text, and links at the bottom for learning about related features.

The Account Summary Page contains actions that allow you to view and modify your account settings as well as a summary of all your travel related information. This includes emergency contact information, bank cards (ATM cards, credit cards, etc.), passports, and insurance policies (health, life, auto, etc.).

Also shown here is a summary of all your trips. Trips are an aggregation of hotel reservations, airline reservations, a cruise, or any other travel or vacation related events that relate to one another. For example, if you are travelling by air, have a hotel reservation and a car reservation, and business meetings, they are all organized under a common trip so that you can access them all in one easy place.

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