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Travel With Peace of Mind

With MyTripSafe, organize and protect all your Business Trips and Family Vacations!

Never again worry about losing travel documents, passports, credit cards, or trying to remember vital insurance information in an emergency.

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 More About MyTripSafe's Services

Access all of your vital travel information anywhere, anytime! MyTripSafe is a self-service travel organization and protection tool that gives you access to all of your travel information from anywhere around the world via our web site. Enter details about your trips and other travel related information using our simple and intuitive web site.


Using MyTripSafe's self service web site, you can organize and store the following information:

  • Emergency Contacts
  • Information needed to replace stolen or lost Credit Cards, ATM Cards, and other Bank Cards
  • Insurance Policies
  • Passports
  • Trips


For each trip you define, you can organize and store the following details:

  • Flight Information, including all connections
  • Hotel Reservations and other Accomodations
  • Cruise Details
  • Car Rentals
  • Car Services
  • Train and Bus Tickets/Information
  • Trip Insurance
  • Traveller's Checks
  • Dinner Reservations
  • Business Meetings
  • Activities, such as Amusement Parks, Zoos, etc.


Members can enter information such as place names, addresses, phone numbers, dates and times, reservation numbers, and other notes for each of the items above. The information is stored password protected and available to members from any web enabled device (smart phone, internet kiosk, internet café, hotel business center, etc.).


Members have access to the information at any time, even if you lose travel documents, your purse or wallet, passport, computer, mobile phone, or other trip information while away. All you need is access to the internet, and you can look up the critical information above. For example, you can look up all of your flight, hotel, and car rental reservations, or get the information needed to call banks to cancel and replace lost or stolen credit cards, or to get your passport number in case it is lost while travelling overseas.


You can also make certain information available to your family and friends, so that they know your itinerary and emergency contacts. This may be useful, for example, if a friend is picking you up from the airport and needs to know your flight number and arrival time.

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